Terror in Resonance Episode 1 “Falling” (2014) Produced by MAPPA and Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe

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Track: Doctor Who (Delaware Version, 1972)
Artist: Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson, Paddy Kingsland & Ron Grainer
played 1036 times




The full version of the bizarre theme arrangement used by mistake on two Australian cuts of episodes.

It was intended to replace the original Derbyshire Revised version as well until Barry Letts decided against it.

Indeed! They wanted to make the theme new and fresh for the 10th anniversary, but the Radiophonic crew had a bit too much fun with their new synthsizer :P

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I used to have a neon green puffer fish friend named Leon and he would spit water at me and give me kisses if I put my finger near the surface of the water and greet me when I walked up to his tank he was so sweet and then he ate his tank mates and that was a little scary.

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((*masses button till it breaks*))


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onachu asked:
Have you seen this recent "Pluto is a planet again!" thing? It's quickly making its rounds on Tumblr and I'm curious about your thoughts on it (I have my own opinions but I'd like to hear yours).


Ha, yeah, of course I have.

Call these objects what you will, whether it be planetoids, minor planets, dwarf planets, celestial bodies or planetswe - humans - are simply arguing semantics over a more aesthetically (and psychologically) pleasing way to avoid admitting that they’re all - large or small - ASTEROIDS IN STABLE ORBITS…the stellar fragments left over from the formation of the solar system itself.

We’re still on a continuous endeavor to understand our origins, and the 9th planetary body beyond Uranus, Pluto, whatever word we fancy…it’s there, holding pieces to the puzzle.

Reminder to all: the stars do not care about what the sentient newcomers to the universe call their planetary neighbors…they’ll fry you to death, consume you, or explode and extinguish all inhabited or uninhabited bodies of rock and metal just the same.

Also, an intelligent and technologically capable civilization elsewhere would have a pretty difficult time spotting the self-proclaimed “third ROCK from the sun an M-class star” when scanning their visible universe for diverse planetary systems. We should all keep that in mind and remain humble that we’re still alive amidst a time when the first generation of humans - that’s us - has achieved the capability to survey solar systems beyond our own. 

And lastly - aside from mentioning that there are far other incredible discoveries being made and goings on in the universe to be griping about the planetary taxonomy of orbiting bodies amidst our this solar system - WE STILL HAVEN’T BEEN TO PLUTO…YET. NASA’S NEW HORIZONS SPACECRAFT IS DUE TO ARRIVE IN PLUTO IN JULY OF 2015!

Once we get to Pluto, then we can start having a conversation.

To fully grasp the significance of this current mission to Pluto, I can’t recommend this 45-minute documentary enough

New Horizons: Passport to Pluto

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5 must play PSX RPG’s for you lovely people! =D




Grandia - Play it!


Vagrant Story - Play it!


Legend of Legaia - Play it!


Legend of the Dragoon - Play it!


Wild Arms - Play it!

I think you all get the idea that you should all just about play these masterpieces of RPG gaming! =D Enjoy!

Chrono Cross deserves a place on this list soo.. :D


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